Pair Framed Pictures - Victorian Ladies Fashion Illustration - 1800s Regency Dress & 1830s Walking Dress - Antique Repro Prints on Porcelain

$ 65.00

Charming antique fashion illustrations of Regency & Victorian dresses, framed in a beautiful display from the late 1960s. These highly detailed ladies are printed on fresh white porcelain ovals, with a velveteen mat and gilt wooden frame.

Porcelain print colors are sage green, lavender purple, rose pink on white; goldenrod velveteen; cream and gold painted wood frame. They are meant to be glass-less, so that the textures and dimensional design can be seen well.

Condition is very nice with normal impressions to the paper backing, an adhesive tape piece on back, and a 3/8-inch area of gilt loss to the lower left on one frame (the 1830s dress with the pink sash), hard to notice when displayed. Each frame is 10 x 8 1/4 inches.

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