Tell The World You're A Vixenette!

Here's how to add a Vixenettes seal to your blog or website:

1. For PC users: Right-click over the image above and select "Save Image As" or "Save Picture As".  Download it to your computer.
For Mac users : Double-finger tap or Ctrl + Click on the image above and hit "Save Image As".  Or drag the image into the folder you want to save it to.

2. Go to your blog, and use the site's editor to import the file from your computer to the blog.  Place it in the sidebar/margin at 200 x 200 pixels.  If you're including it in a website, please keep the same dimensions and place it either in your "About Us" or within a header/footer.  

3. Make sure to keep the filename the same (so we can find it and reward you!), and link it to You're officially a Vixenette!

We'll send your $15 coupon to the primary email we find on your blog/site.  Please email us with your preferred email address if it's different.  Thanks, Vixen!