1940s Men's Seashells Tie - 40s Rayon Novelty Print Necktie - Brick Red with Luminous Hand Painted Sea Shells & Glitter - California Label

$ 71.00

Rare 1940s men's tie in seashells novelty print! It's a hand painted 40s necktie in brick red rayon with shimmering shells and sea grass, likely a mica paint, sprinkled with glitter. A wonderful seaside California creation, lined in faille.

4 Inches at Widest, Total Length 51 1/2 Inches


' made and styled in / california / for / Penney's ' to underside

Brick red rayon crepe, hand painted in luminous hues (probably mica or similar) with hints of glitter, colors are orange, bright yellow, seafoam green, powder blue, black, and white; white-on-white floral synthetic faille lining


Condition Detail
Near mint, the lining next to the label has a single 1/8-inch abrasion, invisible to top side

Washing Instructions
Dry clean by a cleaner experienced with vintage clothing

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