1950s Autumn Tablecloth - 49.5 x 53.5 Inches - 50s Novelty Print Acorns Nuts Oak Leaves - Tan Brown Metallic Gold - California Hand Print

$ 45.00

Autumn 50s novelty print tablecloth in beautiful fall colors, with metallic gold screen print to the acorns, oak leaves, and picturesque twining branches. It's nearly square, measuring 49.5 x 53.5 inches. Label says ' CALIFORNIA / HAND PRINTS / REG US PAT OFF / CREATORS OF / DRESS GOODS / BEACH TOWELS / TABLE CLOTHS / MADE IN U.S.A. '.

Cotton blend, probably cotton & rayon. The colors are mossy green-brown, almost an ochre undertone, with print in brown-grays, chocolate brown, nutmeg brown, and metallic gold.

Condition is good, with a tan liquid mark about 3 x 2 inches, and 5-6 faint smudges or specks nearby, all located inside the print in the central square. Has a small red mark on the label.

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