1950s Curtains Set of 4 Panels with Pair Twin Dust Ruffles - 50s Blue & Pink Roses Polished Cotton Chintz - Femme Cottage Bedroom Drapes

$ 279.99

Wonderful 1950s curtain set, custom-made with a matching pair of dust ruffles! This special chintz fabric is the same fine polished cotton used in 50s dresses at the time, soft in spring colors with muted pastels, oh-so-lovely from the mid 50s.

The set of four drapes is 31.5 x 84-inch rectangles, beautifully finished with weighted bottoms. The top edge has small remnants of spaced stitched clusters, indicating they were originally attached to rings. The curtains are lined in soft taupe cotton sateen.

Matching pair of twin dust ruffles *Are Not Pictured* but *Are Included* in this set. The dust ruffle fabric is identical to the floral curtains pictured, custom-sewn as a standard twin size, with a 38 x 74.5-inch muslin panel that would rest underneath the mattress. The dust ruffle falls in even gathers to three sides of the twin mattress base, with a 17.5-inch drop length in the same gorgeous pastel florals. The underside of the dust ruffle is not lined, just a neat hem along the bottom.

Colors are celadon blue, gray-blue, khaki, pale lilac pink, black, offwhite.

Condition is superior throughout the floral fabric, with tanning and beige freckles to the solid muslin panels that would lie underneath the mattress, and obvious browning toward the upper edge of this muslin panel, where the edge is pinked but not sewn (this would be invisible when used as a dust ruffle). If your bedroom is not a pair of twins, the extra fabric in the dust ruffles could be sewn into a dust ruffle for a larger sized bed, or repurposed into pillows, upholstery fabric, or another creative use for your femme 50s decor.

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