1980s Christian Dior Striped Tie - Classic Gray Brown & Ivory 80s Designer Necktie - Diagonal Satin Stripes - Paris New York - Logo Lining

$ 24.99

A Christian Dior satin tie from the early 1980s, this business wear classic is steel gray, cocoa brown and ivory with effortless style. Lined in his signature print brocade.

3 1/2 Inches at Widest, Total Length 56 1/2 Inches


" Christian Dior / PARIS NEW YORK '' to underside

Steel gray, cocoa brown, and ivory diagonal stripes in a synthetic blend satin brocade, probably a silk blend; Christian Dior white synthetic faille lining


Condition Detail
Very fine, near excellent, has a vague beige freckle about 8 inches above the front point that's hard to perceive, the underside has an obvious brown liquid mark on the satin that would be hidden when worn

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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