Antique Brooch - Hand Painted Blue Flowers - 1900s Victorian Edwardian White Porcelain Oval Shaped Pin - Quaint - Sweet - Innocent - 42509

$ 43.49

This beautiful antique pin is a perfect oval with asymmetric flowers hand-painted to its smooth porcelain face. It's carefully set on a metal base with six slender prongs. A very sweet memento of days past, probably worn at the neck of an afternoon dress a century ago. Dates to the late Victorian or early Edwardian era.

1 5/8 x 1 1/4 Inches


None, probably artisan made

White porcelain hand-painted in warm and cool undertones with dainty hand painted blue flowers, metal backing that appears to have some copper content

Pin-back with C-clasp


Condition Detail
Lovely to its face and very wearable, the metal backing has rubbing from regular use and the porcelain oval is a bit loose in its setting, the pin-back is a bit loose to the hinge but works well

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