Faux Leopard Fur Slippers - Size 7 to 8 1960s Vintage Lounge House Shoes - Spotted Exotic Cat Furry Acrylic Indoor Slides - 60s Open Toes

$ 45.00

Terrific 60s plush slippers have a classic leopard print in faux fur with open toes and soft-sided design. Has a padded cotton insole and textured vinyl soles. Pristine indoor shoes from the 1960s!

Unmarked (approx 7 to 8)

Ball of Foot Width 3, Toe to Heel Length 9 3/4 Inches


None, factory made

Caramel tan, black, and beige leopard print faux fur; padded black cotton blend insoles; textured black vinyl soles

None needed, slip on


Condition Detail
Appears and feels unworn, like new, the brown portion of the print is slightly faded, this is not easily perceived unless various areas of the fur is carefully compared

Shoe's measurements are taken along the insole and these are actual widths with no ease subtracted. Some shoe soles require scoring before use.

Additional photos are often available.
Please let us know if you have any questions!

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