Men's Gladiator Skinny Tie - 1950s Black Satin Necktie with Medieval Soldier Wearing Shield, Spear, Helmet - 50s Hepcat Rat Pack Mid Century

$ 22.50

Cool 1950s men's tie with a solitary soldier in novelty brocade. This black pebbled satin necktie has a colorful soldier reminiscent of gladiators and Medieval fighters, wearing a feathered helmet, long spear, and golden shield. There's an inconspicuous second soldier, all black, below the first one and nearly hidden in the brocade. Self-lined.

2 1/4 Inches at Widest, Total Length 54 Inches


Fiber content and " RN 23003 " to underside

Black rayon & acetate blend pebbled brocade (65% acetate and 35% rayon) with red, offwhite, and golden yellow details


Condition Detail
Barely worn, a hint of shiny-ness from pressing, not noticed when worn

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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