Size 8.5 Spectator Stilettos - Unworn Deadstock Shoe - Size 8 1/2 Two Tone Brown 1950s High Heels - Pointed Toes - NOS 4 Inch Slender Heels

$ 135.00

Mid-century glamour for a vintage vixen! These sophisticated leather stilettos are beautifully made in brown & white with broguing and two-tone details. They have slender 4-inch heels, never worn from the 1950s in the original box, priced $29.95 about sixty years ago. This would be over $270 in today's dollars!

Marked 8 1/2 M

Ball of Foot Width 3, Toe to Heel Length 11 Inches


" Thos. Cort LTD '' and " GOTHAM " in gold to insoles

Saddle brown leather, white vinyl insoles, brown leather hand-lasted soles

None needed


Condition Detail
Lovely, never worn, the left shoe has a tiny tan hint to either side of the shoe toward the back, less than 1-inch and pencil-thin, hard to perceive; left heel's coloration is mottled, also hard to perceive

Washing Instructions
Wipe with a damp cloth if needed

Please Note: Shoe measurements are taken along the insole, and do not have any ease subtracted. To compare for fit, please measure a pair of shoes that fit you well (and are the same heel height). The numbers should match for best fit.

Additional photos are often available.
Please let us know if you have any questions!

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