The Beat Goes On October 09 2014

Well, Vintage Vixens, we are settling into Etsy nicely!  Just wanted to give you the heads-up that we'll be posting new listings every day, along with more of our inventory previously displayed at  This means a mix of vintage clothing "new to the web" as well as items that may seem like deja vu.


Don't want to miss out on the newest listings?  We totally understand.  Go to any item in our shop (like this one), and click on the "Favorite Shop" button:



After that, our new offerings will appear in your Etsy feed via desktop and app.  We also have an RSS feed available that instantly notifies you when new items are posted. 


We're also planning a category page that'll sort our vast inventory by size and type of item.  We miss that feature from our old site, and we know you do too.


Let us know what you think of us in our new home!  And we hope you enjoy the new listings of fabulous vintage clothing.  :)