Asian Bangle Bracelet - Hand Painted Dragon Scales Flowers - Faux Cloisonne - Navy Gray Red Gold Brilliant Artisan Skills - Eastern - 50445

$ 19.49

Asian bangle bracelet with artfully painted layers of dragon scales & chrysanthemum blooms on a smoky navy & gray marbleized background. The colors and skill on this hand painted vintage bracelet are dramatically chic, made to mimic cloisonne. Made in the 70s or early 80s.

7 3/4 Inches Circumference inside edge, 1/2 Inch Wide


None, factory made, sticker inside says " Size 6 "

Navy, gray, crimson red, metallic gold paints in beautiful layers with a clear lacquer top coat


Condition Detail
Very good, has a 1/4-inch chip to one side and small nicks throughout the red borders, gives a terrific shabby effect, overall very wearable

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