Special Notes About Sizing Shoes

We list the marked vintage sizes for shoes, instead of assigning a modern size equivalent. The size marked on a vintage shoe corresponds to roughly the same size of a modern shoe, though vintage shoes are often narrower than contemporary ones.

Width of vintage shoes is described by the letter after the shoe size (for example, size 7 B). Letters range from AAAAA to D, and better quality vintage shoes often have two widths for a custom fit - the first width is the toebox (across the "knuckles" of the toe), the second is for the heel.

To be certain of fit, measure the inside of a pair of your own shoes across the ball of the foot, and from toe to heel to compare. Make sure the pair you measure has the same heel height as the pair you're shopping for. You should not measure your own feet to compare with the shoes' measurements on the site. Read more shoe-buying tips in our vintage shoes buying guide.