Customer Photo Gallery

Would you like to be showcased here? Tell us how you use your vintage clothing... from daily wear to dancing to acting to something especially unique... we want to hear from you!

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Simara Rose is a talented performer (and a delightful lady!) based in Los Angeles. Her band Starlit features sultry, powerful vintage-inspired music and band members wear vintage clothes she's often reworked to evoke the showstoppers of the 1930s, 40s & 50s. This glamorous ensemble includes a rare 1940s vintage hat from Vintage Vixen.

Carla is a self-described vintage clothing fanatic from the UK. She especially likes early 50s Audrey Hepburn looks and wears vintage for work, weekends and evenings. She says "I've even been stopped in the supermarket and received compliments about my outfits!"... Not surprising as she looks wonderfully chic in this 50s era frock!

Leigh is a wonderful customer from New Zealand who has a penchant for Art Deco styles. She is a skilled seamstress as well, having sewn the blouse at left from an original vintage pattern. The hat and skirt are authentic vintage, and that wonderful car is her own. Below she's posing in satin lounge pajamas with flapper essentials in hand.

Vivian is such a favorite of ours! She is a ballroom dancer with a marvelous sense of vintage style. Here she is at the 2007 Hooray for Hollywood Ballroom Dance Recital looking beautiful as ever. The dress is a wonderful silk 1950s design from Vintage Vixen.

We love this picture! Carol is one of our favorite vixens way out west in California. In the foreground is her 4.3-lb. Chihuahua Miss Bambi. Carol says:

'I love getting dresses and seeing my tag in my dress! I havva lotta them for sure... love em all... have had lots of success with your site... '

Thanks, Carol! :)

Marylee is an up-and-coming singer/songwriter in Sarasota, FL. She says:

"Here's photo of me at my last show wearing the GREAT vintage t-shirt I bought on your site. Everyone must've thought I was so smart, graduating in the same year I was born!  Vintage Vixen rules!"

Our best to you, Marylee!

A happy update on the Kettlitz family! They were married on April 2, 2004, and are expecting a sibling for little Charlize. This wonderful picture shows a friend's rare 1958 DeSoto in the background. We love it!

"I only have eyes for you...."! This is Emma & her new hubby, who were married in July. Emma's wearing a gown from our recently posted selection of bridal wear.

Best wishes to the happy couple!


Susan, one of our models, is also in customer service at Neiman Marcus. Here she's at an after-hours theme party wearing Vintage Vixen dress & vinyl pumps. Fabulous, dahling!

Jandolin has an affinity for both vintage clothing and poetry. She loves feeling like a time traveler in her vintage frocks, and she's been so kind to share a poem with us here:

Late one night I got online
to find some clothing to fit me fine
The garments would become my Kissing Togs
and make my life complete
I wanted to buy a Drama coat
and a dress to make me sweet
I know I got in over my head..but I had to own these Togs
I would attract the gaze of tykes ladies..sweet men..and old dogs
I needed to have some drama
I felt excitement fading away
More than pleasing Societal needs
I wanted time to play
So....I whipped out my plastic money took a breath...and swallowed hard if by magic the package came by yard
I ran to fetch my Kissing Togs
from the hands of the delivery man
I started to hop just like a loon
I do believe he ran
I must have looked hilarious in high heels and King Henrys robe
with a moon and stars earring hanging from my lobe
A woman in a leopard print was out
to walk her dogs
I spun around with my grocery bag
and shouted 'These are Kissing Togs'!

Say hi to Sandie and her sister, both looking simply fabulous for their 70s party! Sandie's on the right, wearing a faux leather fringed vest and new-old stock pants from Vintage Vixen. What a great look for a retro bash!

Say hello to Margaret! She enjoys dressing head-to-toe in period clothing, with accessories, hair and make-up to match. Margaret is passionate about vintage clothing, and she is most into cocktail dresses and evening wear. Even her photography is well thought-out and the setting just right... this is a great lady with the right stuff for a complete period look!

Doesn't Julie have a beautiful silhouette in this 1910s gown? She wears vintage clothing when performing, shown here playing the hammered dulcimer (on right). Julie also has a 1914 dress, which she plans to wear when she and her husband renew their vows on their 30th wedding anniversary.

Where do you go to find the perfect dress for a lounge party?  What better place than Vintage Vixen! One customer of ours threw a 1960s lounge bash to ring in the new millennium, and of the party-goers is wearing an orange chiffon cocktail dress from our online catalog. She's the lovely blonde pictured.

Many customers have found our site to be a unique wardrobe resource. One such customer is Don Schiele, a fashion and glamour photographer located in the Philadelphia area. Don likes to specialize in romantic styles with a glamourous and nostalgic flair. His favorite era is the 1940s, though . The black dress in the photo above was provided by Vintage Vixen.

Don is available for work in and around Philadelphia; feel free to email him at He is currently working on publishing a web site about his photography.

Leigh is at it again! She dressed to the nines this year at the Napier Art Deco Weekend, and some witty attendee wrote a song in tribute - 'Last To Leave Leigh'! We think she's having just too much fun, and in some fabulous clothes too.

Such a beautiful couple! Courtney shopped our wedding dresses during her engagement, and found a wonderful heirloom in this 1950s era wedding veil. Best wishes to the newlyweds!

Neva lives in the Southwest US and loves southwestern and Victorian styled things, especially tailored jackets and long skirts. One of her favorite outfits is a tux with jeans - love it! In this pic she wears a 1920s hat with fringed appliques from VVCC.

Neva has been a Vixen as far back as we can remember... in fact, she's one of our earliest customers! Thanks for the pic, Neva!

Charlotte was married in a 1960s wedding gown from Vintage Vixen, and she was so kind to share a picture with us. Isn't she lovely!


The Kettlitz family is now four (or five, if you include the beautiful vintage Buick they have restored)!

Little Lauren-Maisie is two years old, and big sister Charlize is looking lovely in a 50s-inspired sun dress. Mom Tanja is wearing a vintage reproduction 1950s dress, and Michael sports a wild print casual shirt passed down from his grandfather.  You are all looking fantastic as ever!

Leslie's a favorite customer for her fab sense of style... just take a look at this sassy pic! She says:

"I've shopped your site many times and find your measurements to be on the dot perfect!! I've included a shot of me in a swimsuit from your site!!! I bought it about a year ago!! I LOVE it."

Thanks, Leslie!


Check out those shoes! Tina (on the right) sent us this swell pic. She says "I am absolutely thrilled with the shoes I bought from you guys... especially the fact that they were in the original packaging. They made their debut this Christmas and I wore them proudly for the first time!"

She loves vintage clothes and sews many of her own garments using vintage patterns. "It's great fun and great prep for my future as a Home Ec teacher!"

Thanks, Tina!


Millie recently redecorated her bathroom with a wonderful beach theme, and used a 1920s wool bathing suit from Vintage Vixen as a centerpiece. We think it's just adorable!

It's prom night, and Orit is looking fabulous! She's wearing a 1970s designer gown by Leonard Sunshine, purchased here at Vintage Vixen. She says the dress was an absolute hit at her prom. No other dress in the room came close to its beauty and uniqueness. Thanks Orit!


What a sweet picture! This is the Kettlitz family from Germany, all dressed up in 50s garb at a recent vintage car show. Michael (the proud papa) says this show draws enthusiasts of ships and airplanes as well as vintage automobiles. Mom Tanja worked on three 1950s reproduction dresses from Butterick patterns in order to be dressed right for the event! Baby Charlize is already planning her wardrobe for next year's show! :)

This is Lynne, a lover of great swing dresses and a swing dancer herself! Lynne is from Australia, and she shops Vintage Vixen for clothing to complement her terrific sense of 1940s style. Here she is wearing a dress from Vintage Vixen, and her fab two-tone dancing shoes.

We'd like to introduce you to Michael and Tanja. They found our site while looking for 1950s maternity wear, since Tanja was expecting and they wanted authentic clothing to wear to vintage car shows.

Michael and Tanja own a 1956 Buick Special Riviera Hardtop 2-Door in original "Tahiti Coral".

Tanja is wearing a 1950s maternity blouse she found at Vintage Vixen. Since then little Charlize came into their lives on September 27. Now they are looking for 1950s children's clothing to outfit the family!


Would you like to be showcased here? Tell us how you use your vintage clothing... from daily wear to dancing to acting to something especially unique... we want to hear from you!

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