How do you grade condition of vintage clothing?

Standards of condition are handled as objectively as possible, given the fact that every vintage item has had different treatment before it reaches us. We divide condition standards into five sections, listed below. Beyond the five condition ratings, we list all specific condition flaws as accurately as possible. For any flaw we consider particularly subjective or hard to describe, we err on the conservative side. We want you to be pleasantly surprised as to the extent of any condition flaw we list!

Within our own company, stains are removed on certain conditions: location on the garment, detraction from the garment's wearability, and increase in value by removal. Some stains are impossible to remove. Professional mending occurs before and/or after stain removal, if both are needed on one item.

Please note that the condition rating does not change in proportion to the age of the garment. We consider condition and rarity to be two separate parameters: we do not give a vintage item a better condition rating even if it's a type of item that's difficult to find in great condition. Rather, the rarity and condition ratings should be used together to determine value.

95% of all our clothing is either in Mint or Excellent condition. We only consider selling lesser condition clothing if the style or rarity is desirable enough to warrant the item. Condition Standards

  • Mint: Garment is faultless, was worn seldom or not at all, and has not been altered to a second permanence.
  • Excellent: Garment has no obvious faults in appearance, and possibly was worn several times. Fibers may be weakened by time and/or conditions.
  • Good: Garment has minor stains and/or fabric tearing or abrasion which may be noticeable; or, fabric may be weak from time and/or conditions.
  • Fair: Garment has apparent stains and/or fabric wear; these problems are either irreparable or have been repaired, but are not perfect in appearance.
  • Poor: Garment has obvious permanent stains and/or fabric wear and is not repairable in its present state. These garments are sometimes useful for display, costume, or pattern copying.