Lilly Pulitzer Print Gallery

Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are bright and breezy, colorful and cheery. We've collected and sold lots of vintage Lilly Pulitzer prints over the years, archived here for your enjoyment. They date from the 1960s to 1980s.

These vintage Lilly Pulitzer print fabrics are mostly cotton blends, all are authenticated, and a few are polyester or another synthetic. Lilly Pulitzer's fabric supplier was primarily Key West Hand Prints, a screen-printing business actually located on Key West for decades.

There are main types of imagery in Lilly Pulitzer fabrics - florals, animal prints, fruits and seashells. Not surprisingly, there are many lilies in Lilly's fabrics, as well as lots of Florida references like flamingoes, citrus and beach themes. It seems some of Pulitzer's favorite animals were tigers and butterflies.

We apologize for the pixellation of some of the fabrics. These images were culled from 16 years' worth of inventory and some of the digital photography itself could soon be considered "vintage". :)