We Buy Vintage Clothing

What We're Seeking


We've divided our list of wants into three categories: Most Wanted, Interesting Items, and Unwanted.  Our Most Wanted list includes items we are always looking for.  Interesting Items include types of items that might be tempting, but that we already have plenty of.  The Unwanted category includes items we do not need more of.

Each category is subdivided into a list of labels, and types of items.  Note that an item with a label that matches one on our list overrides the type-of-item list.  If the item you want to sell is not in any category, please email to ask if we're interested, and we'll place it in the list for future reference.  So without further ado, here's the list:

Most Wanted List:

  • Any couture or ready to wear by Adrian, Etienne Aigner, Tony Alamo, Bill Atkinson, Balenciaga, Balmain, Geoffrey Beene, Harve Benard, BIBA, Bill Blass, Donald Brooks, Burberry, Pierre Cardin, Hattie Carnegie, Bonnie Cashin, Oleg Cassini, Chanel, Ceil Chapman, Enid Collins, Victor Costa, Andre Courreges, Davidow, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, pre-1985 Escada, Jacques Fath, Louis Feraud, Ferragamo, Anne Fogarty, Fortuny, Galanos, pre-1990 John Paul Gaultier, Rudi Gernreich, Givenchy, Gucci, Halston, Jacques Heim, Hermes, Irene, Charles James, Charles Jourdan, Norma Kamali, pre-1980 Anne Klein, pre-1980 Calvin Klein, pre-1975 Lacoste, Lanvin, pre-1980 Ralph Lauren, Judith Leiber, pre-1980 Levi's, Lilli Ann, Marimekko, Vera Maxwell, Claire McCardell, Jessica McClintock, Hanae Mori, Jean Muir, Jack Mulqueen, pre-1980 Nike, North Beach Leather, Mollie Parnis, Poiret, Emilio Pucci, Lilly Pulitzer, Paco Rabanne, Rodier, pre-1980 Lillie Rubin, Schiaparelli, Ken Scott, pre-1960 Alfred Shaheen, Jerry Silverman, Adele Simpson, Yves St Laurent, St John, Jay Thorpe, Teal Traina, Pauline Trigere, Valentino, Gloria Vanderbilt, Vera Neumann, Vested Gentress, Vionnet, pre-1980 Diane von Furstenberg, Vivienne Westwood, Whiting & Davis, Willi Smith, C.F. Worth
  • Bathing Suits: any pre-1960
  • Belts: unique styles pre-1960, 1960s chain-link hip belts, 1970s hippie designs
  • Children's: any pre-1980
  • Coats: any pre-1945, 1950s boleros, 1970s coats with faux or real fur trim at the cuffs & collar, unique furs
  • Cocktail Dresses: any pre-1950
  • Day Dresses: any pre-1945, 1960s mini dresses, pre-1960 sun dresses
  • Evening Gowns: any pre-1950
  • Gloves: unique designs pre-1960
  • Hats: any pre-1945, quality classics pre-1980, unique designs pre-1980
  • Hosiery: seamed stockings
  • Lingerie: any pre-1950, appliqued designs, two-tone designs, circular stitched bras, camisoles, corsets, satin designs
  • Men's: any pre-1945
  • Pants: clear vinyl, zip-around jeans, pre-1970s jeans
  • Pant Suits: 1950s hostess outfits, 1970s performer's designs
  • Purses: any pre-1950, lucite, completely beaded designs
  • Scarves: pre-1950, hand painted designs
  • Shirts: pre-1950, 1970s surreal or nostalgia prints
  • Shoes: pre-1945, clear lucite 1970s platforms with goldfish compartment
  • Shorts: pre-1950, any hot pants
  • Skirts: pre-1950, 1950s circle skirts, wrap skirts, hippie skirts
  • Suits & Dress Sets: pre-1950
  • Sweaters & Cardigans: pre-1950, any appliqued, beaded or otherwise embellished designs, any cashmere, twin sets

Interesting Items List:

  • Ready to wear by Tony Alamo, Bill Atkinson, Harve Benard, Bill Blass, Donald Brooks, Victor Costa, Davidow, Louis Feraud, Anne Fogarty, Charles Jourdan, Norma Kamali, Lilli Ann, Vera Maxwell, Jessica McClintock, Jack Mulqueen, Ken Scott, Jerry Silverman, Adele Simpson, Jay Thorpe, Gloria Vanderbilt, Vera, Whiting & Davis, Willi Smith
  • Bathing Suits: 1960-1980
  • Cocktail Dresses: 1950-1960
  • Day Dresses: wrap dresses
  • Evening Gowns: 1950-1970
  • Men's: 1945-1965 rockabilly & performer styles, concert tees
  • Pant Suits: any pre-1960 casual ensembles
  • Purses: 1970s box designs
  • Shirts: 1950-1980
  • Shoes: 1945-1960
  • Shorts: 1950-1970
  • Skirts: 1950-1970
  • Suits & Dress Sets: 1950-1965
  • Sweaters & Cardigans: 1950-1970

Unwanted Items:

  • Bathing Suits: post-1980
  • Children's: post-1980
  • Coats: basic colors of average quality post -1955
  • Cocktail Dresses: post-1960, any obvious polyesters
  • Day Dresses: post-1980, any obvious polyesters
  • Evening Gowns: post-1970, any obvious polyesters
  • Gloves: any basic designs
  • Hats: post-1980
  • Hosiery: unseamed stockings, any pantyhose
  • Lingerie: any basic designs
  • Men's: post-1965
  • Pant Suits: any obvious polyesters
  • Purses: post-1980
  • Shirts: post-1980
  • Shoes: post-1960
  • Shorts: post-1970
  • Skirts: post-1970
  • Suits & Dress Sets: post-1965
  • Sweaters & Cardigans: post-1970
  • How To Sell

    There are two ways to proceed in selling items to us.  With both procedures, all shipping is the responsibility of you, the seller.  The more in-depth selling procedure earns you more money.  It is as follows:

    1. The seller emails us with a list of garments for sale, including the following details: 
      • pertinent descriptive details
      • labels spelled out
      • asking prices
      • pictures attached to the email
      • and every condition flaw noted
      Each of these details are required for each item.  We reply, telling you which items we are interested in.
    2. The seller sends us a box or boxes of items.  Do not send items that we are not interested in.
    3. We sort through, send an email confirming contents and condition, and mail you a check.

    The simple selling procedure takes less time on your part but earns less.  It is as follows:

    1. The seller emails us with a list of items and prices.  Descriptions of items, including every condition flaw noted are required for each item.  We reply, telling you which items we are interested in.
    2. The seller sends us a box or boxes of items, with or without a price list.  Do not send items that we are not interested in.
    3. We sort through, and send an email with total price offered.  The seller verifies and accepts or rejects the offer.
    4. We return unwanted items (if any) along with a check for the total purchase of the garments.

    Do not expect a reply from us if:

    • you send an email without stating which selling procedure you're following, or without all required details included in the message
    • you send a package without prior notification AND a response from our company, stating that the specific items you list are wanted

    For sellers with large quantities (500+ items), in-person appointments can be arranged. We especially are seeking clothing dealers from times past with new-old stock to sell. If you sold clothing in the 1970s or before and you have some left, email us.  We travel the US and Canada for vintage clothing on a regular basis.