Sizing Men's Vintage Clothing

Men's sizing is simpler than ladies' sizing, since men generally know their measurements and do not have to match measurements to an equivalent size.

A man who wears a 40R suit, for instance, is describing his chest measurement of 40 inches, in a regular length. Likewise, a man's pants that measure 34x32 are 34 inches at the waist, and 32 inches at the inseam. There are no special translations of inches into equivalent sizes, except that we divide men's wear into ranges of small, medium, large, and XL.

For sleeves, we always measure from the top of the shoulder (at the armhole seam) to the sleeve hem. If you would like the sleeve length from center back to shoulder & down the sleeve, please email. We are always glad to take additional measurements for you.

The following table shows how we categorize men's sizes:

Size Small Medium Large XL
Chest up to 39.5" 40-43.5" 44-46.5" 47"+
Waist up to 31.5" 32-35.5" 36-39.5" 40"+

We always list measurements of men's clothing as the maximum body measurements you can be to fit in the clothing. Make sure you are comparing your own measurements, not your garment's measurements, when browsing our catalog.