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Stain Removal


Storage & Preservation




If your clothing care question is not addressed on this page, feel free to email.  You must list the following details in your email:


  • the estimated age of the item(s)
  • the probable fabric content
  • whether the item(s) are particularly fragile
  • what you have already tried to solve the problem
  • if you are removing a stain, whether or not the item(s) have been heat-dried or ironed


If you email without all these details, you'll receive a reply that routes you back to this page.  This helps cut down on ambiguous emails and will result in better advice for you to go on.

ease note, these tips are a compilation of advice from our own experience.  Your mileage may vary.  Please email if you have any additional tips or if you'd like something addressed on this page that you don't see.