Vintage Vixen Publicity

November 2014 - is featured in the November issue of German sewing magazine Burda Style, in a feature about vintage accessories. 

June 2013 - Our business was featured in the Charlotte Herald as a small local business with community ties and international reach.

November 2011 - Our Head Vixen April Ainsworth wins a Global Entrepreneur Award from the Charlotte County Economic Development Office for fostering local business on a global scale.

March 2011 - Kate Winslet perused our incredible stock of 1930s shoes as displayed on set for a shopping scene in HBO's Mildred Pierce.

February 2011 - is among the "Beauty Globetrotters" listed in Milwaukee Lifestyle Magazine's February issue.

February 2011 - This Minneapolis article focuses on the beauty and quality of vintage shoes, and we've contributed to it. Shop our shoes here!

October 2009 - In Style Magazine picks Vintage Vixen as Best of the Web for well-priced vintage fashion!

January 2009 - has profiled Vintage Vixen as a store focused on "quality and customer service". Our custom-tailored personal shopper service and high standards for sizing & grading vintage clothing are highlights of this article.

December 2008 - We've been featured in The Green Bride Guide by Kate L. Harrison! Buy a copy of the book through Amazon, and if you're recently engaged, congrats! You may want to browse our bridal wear section as well.

December 2008 - The movie Benjamin Button is released on December 25, and we'll be there! Vintage Vixen supplied clothing for this film featuring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett.

July/August 2008 - Hallmark Magazine includes Vintage Vixen's clothing care tips in an article about preserving heirloom garments.

July 2008 - We provided costumes for the movie Semi-Pro with Will Farrell, Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin.

September 2007 - UK's New Woman magazine quotes Vintage Vixen in a vanity sizing article this month.

August 2007 - has featured Vintage Vixen as part of their StyleWatch on August 2! We are touted as a place to shop for a vintage look like burlesque diva Dita von Teese.

July 2007 - The movie Hairspray arrives in theaters July 20, and Vintage Vixen is there! We supplied costumes for dozens of actors in this classic musical starring Amanda Bynes, John Travolta and Queen Latifah. Michelle Pfeiffer wears a fuchsia dress of ours - how fabulous!

July 2007 - The July/August issue of Threads Magazine features clothing care tips from Vintage Vixen. Check it out!

April 2007 - We're a Fab Site according to!

March 2007 - We're in this month's issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine."The Insanity of Size Zero" chronicles the clothing industry's shifty ideas about sizes versus measurements over the years.

Spring 2007 - showcases our incredible selection of vintage bridal gowns in their spring Bride section.

2007 - Vintage Vixen is referenced in The DIY Wedding: Celebrate Your Day Your Way, available at Amazon.

May 2006 - The May 5 Boston Globe includes a quote from the Vixen herself about vanity sizing. The article is titled "As Waistlines Grow, Clothing Sizes Shrink Incredibly".

April 2006 -Seventeen Magazine highlights a hot red evening gown from in their Unique Prom Dresses feature.Go glam this year!

January 2006 - April was interviewed by Antiques Roadshow Insider for 'Rags or Riches?', an article about investing in vintage couture.

December 2005 - Sweet 16 Magazine features Vintage Vixen's retro sweaters in this month's issue!

December 2005 - Local gal makes good! We're featured in the December issue of SRQ Magazine, a Sarasota area monthly. Thanks to Alison Abbey for the interview!

August 2005 - Many find top value in vintage, according to Jessica Belasco of the San Antonio Express-News. "Why buy new 'vintage'", she asks, "when you can have the real thing?"

August 2005 - Read a decade-by-decade guide to wearing vintage on the MSN network by Tiffany Owens. April (head vixen) was interviewed for her picks & pans from the 1950s to 1980s!

August 2005 - Seventeen Magazine named Vintage Vixen one of the best sites for vintage clothing!


April 2005 - Clothing sizes really do change over the years, and vintage fans know it! Read about vanity sizing in this article that includes a quote from April (head vixen!).

November 2004 - Good Girl Goods, a website devoted to products both eco- and style-friendly has named online vintage shops as "Retail Gold Medalists" for 2004, and we're among the favorites! View this article .

August 2004 - A great teen-oriented news article on vintage clothing included our site, written for the Springfield IL State Journal-Register. Read it for interesting info on vintage clothing trends for teens.

July 2004 - USA Weekend included our site in a July 4 article on where to shop online for vintage clothing. Their "Where On The Web" section highlights some great details about Vintage Vixen.

November 2003 - Our plus size vintage clothing was mentioned in the November issue of Sugarzine. Thanks again, Faith!

Fall 2003 - Fifth Avenue Magazine mentioned our site in the 'Ask Fashion Girl' column on how to shop well for vintage clothing. Read up and go shopping!

August 2003 - All things Mod are celebrated in a recent article at Sugarzine, including our wild 60s & 70s wear! Thanks, Faith, for the mention!

August 2003 - Susan Lazear referenced our site as a great place to look for vintage knits with unique design details. Her article is in the Fall 2003 copy of Machine Knitter's Source, and it focuses on using vintage clothing as inspiration for newly knit designs. We found it both creative and informative. Thanks, Susan!

October 2002 - The Collector's Journal of Iowa has included our site's clothing care tips in their Repair & Restoration Register. Check out their site for how to subscribe to the journal. They offer valuable info on antiques & collectibles.

October 2002 - The Herald-Mail, a Maryland newspaper interviewed us for an article about storing clothes as seasons change. Interesting and informative!

May 2002 - Here's an offbeat "siting"... We are listed in The Internet All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies as a top ten site for unusual shopping. Neato! Buy this book

Spring 2002 - was included in The Anti-Bride Guide recently authored by Carolyn Gerin and Stephanie Rosenbaum. It's hip, funny and is chock full of ideas on how to "tie the knot outside of the box". Buy this book

2002 - Our fashion history info was highlighted in a wonderful 'bathroom book' called The Ladies Room Reader Revisited.

December 2001 - The ezine Secondhand Savvy has made vintage clothing its feature topic this month, and we are happy to contribute our clothing care and maintenance tips. This online magazine also covers antiques and the retro lifestyle. Check it out for a terrific overview of 20th century fashion as well!

August 2001 - We've been "sited" in Platinum magazine, a fabulous fashion & lifestyle publication! Vintage Vixen is described as an outstanding site serving up serious vintage with ultra-complete descriptions. Thank you Platinum!

March/April 2001 - Vintage Vixen was selected as a Staff Pick in this issue of Sympatico NetLife, a Canadian magazine for Internet surfers. We're delighted to be able to provide one-of-a-kind clothing to our northern neighbors!

February 2001 - Clothing from Vintage Vixen was featured in "Music Search 2001", which showcases unsigned talented musicians and professionals from around the world.

February 2001 - Vintage Vixen was featured on another episode of SheCommerce, a terrific television show about online shopping. SheCommerce is produced by Oxygen Media, a cable channel available to 4 million viewers and affiliated with Oprah Winfrey. The show airs February 3 and 4, at 8 and 10 AM, and our gloves and other accessories are featured. Come see us in TV land!

December 2000 - Vintage Vixen was featured on another episode of SheCommerce, a terrific television show about online shopping. SheCommerce is produced by Oxygen Media, a cable channel available to 4 million viewers and affiliated with Oprah Winfrey. The show airs December 16 and 17, at 8 and 10 AM, and we're shown in the Eternal Fashion story showcasing classic styles. Come see us in TV land!

December 2000 - Vintage Vixen will be featured on a 1950s theme episode of SheCommerce, a terrific television show about online shopping. SheCommerce is produced by Oxygen Media, a cable channel available to 4 million viewers and affiliated with Oprah Winfrey. The show airs December 2 and 3, at 8 and 10 AM, with the host wearing an outfit from Come see us in TV land!

July 2000 - We made the list! We're featured as a Pick of the Month in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, as a must-see site with affordable vintage clothing in sizes 0-20. Check it out!

June 2000 - We've been included in Dressing Up Vintage, a vintage style guide by Tracy Tolkien. Buy this book June 2000 - Thanks to Andrew Ignash of 104.3 KAFA FM in Colorado Springs, CO. He is dutifully advertising our site on his disco show. Be sure to listen to win gift certificates from Vintage Vixen!

May 2000 - We've been mentioned again, this time in the May issue of Elle magazine. Thanks to our customers for your continued business!

May 2000 - Vintage Vixen was featured on SheCommerce, a new television show about online shopping. SheCommerce is produced by Oxygen Media, a cable channel available to 4 million viewers and affiliated with Oprah Winfrey. Thank you for tuning in May 13 and 14 to see us in TV land!

January 2000 - We've been mentioned in the January issue of In Style magazine, noted as one of the largest and most affordable vintage clothing sites on the web. Thanks to Elisa Casas for writing to In Style!

January 2000 - Testing, testing, 1 2 3... We've been highly recommended on the air by Joan Hamburg, New York City consumer advocate in her radio show on 710 WOR. Thanks to Laura Weick for letting us know!

December 1999 - has a great section of info and advice about vintage clothing. We're honored they named us "The Best of the Net"! Click on the link to the left for more info about fashion at Their write-up:

This month's Best of the Net award goes to a very different type of site: a vintage online store. Vintage Vixen is an exceptional site and manages to do what e-tailers with whiz-bang technology and jillions of dollars can't seem to -- offer a knowledgeable, entertaining and efficient shopping experience. The shopping portion of the site is organized by size, so you don't have to wade through stuff that won't fit. It includes a "rarity" rating, care instructions and garment details. In the FAQs and history sections there are items of interest, from which celebrities collect vintage to details about the different eras that Vintage Vixen carries (Victorian through the 1970s) This site is a must-see.

December 1999 - We're in print! The December 13, 1999 issue of U.S. News & World Report includes a lovely snippet about your favorite vintage clothing site! Check page 84 of the magazine for more details, and be sure to read the other sections for where and how to shop online this holiday season. There are bargains to be found both on and off the beaten track!

Autumn 1999 - Vintage Vixen has been featured in a terrific book about intelligent shopping for high quality garments at bargain prices. Secondhand Chic by Christa Weil is a bonanza of information, with tips on how to earmark a well-made creation, as well as where to seek out world-class names and how to tell they're genuine. There are also tutors about fixing and altering garments, how to size unmarked items, and how to determine fabrics' content by hand and eye skill. Lots more, but to get it all you'll need to buy this book!