Vintage Wiggle Dresses

What is a wiggle dress? Whether you call it a wiggle dress, a bombshell dress or an hourglass dress, these ultra-fitted designs are incredibly sexy! They're called wiggle dresses either because your figure jiggles inside that gorgeous hourglass shape, or because they fit so closely you must wriggle into them.  We are honestly not certain which is the origin of the name - or perhaps both contribute to its meaning.
In either case, vintage wiggle dresses are hot. The phrase "wiggle dress" is a contemporary one, but think Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield, and you have the right retro look in mind - a buxom pointed bust, nipped waist and voluptuous hip with lots of va-va-voom. They are usually 1950s era, though we see the same look re-created in dresses of later vintage on occasion. They can be either knit or woven fabric, and though both are beautiful bombshell material, knits are notably sexy as they hug and mold every curve like a vintage sweater girl.
That fabulous figure is rarely achievable on its own... much more likely it's created with the help of perky 1950s bras, vintage girdles, and the rarely-found waist cincher.  Though Marilyn was purported to go without any of the above, and without panties too!  The things a Vintage Vixen will do for a seamless silhouette...
Imagery from and Marilyn Monroe in The Prince And The Showgirl under fair use.  References made from Marilyn Monroe Confidential by Lena Pepitone.