1900s Arts & Crafts Pink Moire Purse - Authentic Antique Drawstring Bag - Hand Embroidered Laurel Wreath - Regency Style 1900s Does 1800s

$ 67.50

A quaint 1900s era drawstring bag in beautiful hand-sewn embroidery! This Edwardian Arts & Crafts turn-of-the-century handbag has a laurel wreath of daisy flowers, twining chain-stitched silk floss, and a gathered ruffle edge to the opening. It was made from a craft kit in the 1900s or 1910s, clearly inspired by the early 1800s Regency period. Because it's flat, this antique purse would also be lovely framed as wall art.

9 1/4 x 9 Inches


None, all hand-stitched except there's machine stitching at the seams

Antique mauve pink silk blend in fine ribbed moire` with dotted swiss pattern brocade; silk floss embroidery is celery green, sage, offwhite, and wheat yellow; matching pink spiral satin drawstring

Mauve spiral cotton drawstring


Condition Detail
Very nice and rarely carried with signs of age as follows - a slightly dingy hue overall, a few tan to dark brown freckles below the embroidery along the last 1.5-2 inches; the top side of the bag is more faded than the underside probably from display over decades; the bag has a faint dashed line from the original craft kit pattern that wasn't followed and instead the maker made the slightly longer, so the kit's line remains exposed

Washing Instructions
Dry clean by a cleaner experienced with antique clothing

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