1910s 1920s Silk Scarf - Titanic Era Chocolate Brown Crepe & Satin Wrap - Authentic 20s Flapper Large Piano Shawl with Hand Knotted Fringe

$ 119.99

This antique piano shawl is an iconic flapper accessory, though its lush chocolate hue could date it earlier, to the 1910s or even Edwardian era. It's a gorgeous silk crepe wrap with satin stripe woven along the edges, and long, swishy hand knotted 9-inch fringe. It's hemmed by hand.

Please note - the first photo shows the scarf folded to 1/4 its full size. The second photo shows one quadrant of the scarf, unfolded. It's such a large square that we could not photograph it in one view.

58 x 62 Inches, Fringe adds 9 Inches Length to all sides

1910s - 1920s

None, factory made

Chocolate brown silk crepe with satin weave border stripe, silky hand-knotted matching brown fringe

None needed


Condition Detail
Looks very nice overall, looks and feels sturdy though all antique silk needs careful handling, the coloration is extremely slightly mottled darker/yellowish in some areas (see photo for example), has 4-5 isolated tiny holes and 8-10 isolated tiny picks, one break in the hand-knotted section (see photo), some of the fringe is a bit tousled, overall very wearable

Washing Instructions
Dry clean by a professional experienced with vintage clothing

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