1920s Tea for Two - Hand Embroidered Tea Caddy Place Mat & Two Teacup Saucer Squares - Pink Daisies and Black Embroidery Polka Dots on Linen

$ 22.50

These unique tea set coasters are perfectly sized to serve tea for two! This tea placemet set includes a large square of linen for the teapot (9 7/8 x 9 1/4 inches), and two smaller squares for the teacups (4 3/4 inches).

The hand-sewn embroidery is a charming daisy chain ring with pretty flowers, leaves, and cross-stitched X's, with a dotty border and picot style edging. Condition is good, all stitching intact, with vague tan age dapples to the teacup squares, and a 4-inch tea-colored crescent from the teapot resting on the large square.

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