1920s Twin Bedspread - Sheer Pink Flapper's Boudoir Bed Spread - Authentic 20s Cotton Coverlet with 18th Century Fancy Lady Cameo Portrait

$ 179.99

A very fine 1920s bedspread in quaint feminine embroidery, depicting an 18th century lady in exquisite detail. This 20s sheer twin size coverlet showcases an elegant woman wearing a 1700s corseted dress with panniers, ruffles and daisies embroidered to the full skirt. Her cameo style frame and the oval above it are dyed lavender with pastel flowers embroidered in silky buttonhole twist with lace "frames".

This twin size bed spread is one sheer layer with a central rectangle flanked in self panels to three sides, each edged in white lace.

Condition is very good, looks and feels never used. There are two brown liquid marks above the upper oval panel (see the ninth photo), a similar smaller mark on the oval lace, a scant few small holes (see eighth photo), a beige freckle below the lady's necklace (that could be remedied by adding a "jewel" to the necklace), and a few scant hints of similar traces elsewhere that would be hard to notice. These are minor issues and overall it's very nice for a 1920s coverlet. Can be washed carefully by hand, dried flat, and pressed on the underside with medium-high heat.

Measures 73 x 100 inches total. Please note this item was too large for us to photograph the entire bedspread flat, and the second photo shows the central panel, which measures 35.5 inches wide, with sheer pink panels bordering the sides and bottom.

This bedspread was originally one of two coverlets in matching "sister" styles. The other is a full size bedspread, originally listed at the same time this coverlet was listed. Please check our shop listings for current stock.

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