1930s 40s Embroidered Round Centerpieces - Lot of 2 Hand Sewn Lavender Purple Embroidery Linens - Doily Style Circles with Antique Hues

$ 37.99

Sweet lavender flowers in heirloom style 1920s embroidery! This lot includes two round handmade centerpieces, both in purple & forest green floral stitching on tea-colored cotton with fanciful black lattice borders and hand crocheted trims. They are matching in terms of embroidery, though one has a butterfly (as yet unembroidered) and the sizes & crochet are different.

The centerpiece with the butterfly measures 15.25 inches diameter, while the larger one is 17.75 inches across. Condition is very good, looks and feels very fresh, with hints of beige and a few tiny rust speckles in scant degrees. Note that the butterfly needs to be embroidered to complete the smaller doily. Likely from the 20s or early 30s.

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