1930s Art Deco Purse - Authentic 30s Black Faux Leather Bag with Carved Amber Plastic Clasp - Rare Depression Era Handbag - As Is - 50239

$ 49.99

This pert little 1930s purse is an authentic Art Deco era creation in glossy black faux leather with a butterscotch clear plastic clasp in hand-carved detail. It's small and sweet with a metal frame, spiral handle, and multiple interior compartments.

8 x 4 1/4 x 1 1/2 Inches, Handle has a 2 3/4-Inch Drop


None, factory made, interior early metal zipper is marked " AUSTRIA "

Black faux leather with a glossy top grain texture, butterscotch amber clear plastic, black acetate faille lining, silvertone metal hardware

Click-closed clasp at center top


Condition Detail
Very wearable but shows its age in reasonable ways as follows - the faux leather of the bag itself is excellent with a few tiny rubs, the spiral handle was originally faux leather too but 99% of its leather finish flaked away with use, the front side of the plastic clasp has a slight cloudy effect, the interior shows obvious scratches to the metal frame with minor rubs to lining and a paper interlining in the pocket that's chipped away quite a bit

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