1930s Black Box Bag - Deco Velvet 30s Handbag - Brass Hardware - Mirror Inside - Oblong - Authentic 1930's Evening Purse - 47945

$ 49.99

A black velvet box purse from the 1930s, with Deco hardware in an elegant brass clasp. This 30s evening bag has an oblong shape with brass feet and faille lining. Mirror inside the lid.

8 1/4 x 4 1/4 x 2 3/4 Inches; Handle has a 4-Inch Drop


" MADE IN U.S.A. " stamped inside the lid

Black rayon velvet, mellow brass hardware with a glossy finish, black faille lining

Brass Deco twist-closed clasp at center front


Condition Detail
A bit shabby but acceptable for a 1930s purse, has hints of velvet pile loss to the curved rims, minor crushing in a few thumb prints, one of the corners is threadbare and shows a bit of exposed paperboard frame (see photo), interior has silvering loss to outside edges of mirror and a lifted seam inside where side of bag meets its interior base, all slightly noticeable

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