1930s Feedsack Fabric - Three Full Sacks - Each 37 x 41 Inches Yardage - 30s Grain Sack Panel Lot - Deco Floral Cotton Blue Pink Green Red

$ 75.00

Authentic 1930s feedsack fabric in Deco printed floral cotton in a lot of three vintage grain sacks, all three still sewn with its original chain stitching. This 30s material is a vivid floral print in maroon, rouge pink, wedgwood blue, grass green and natural white.

Each feedsack measures 37 inches long x 20 1/2 inches wide. If the stitching were removed and the fabric were laid flat, each feedsack panel would be 37 x 41 inches.

Condition is good with a subtle stitching line to the top of each feedsack where the grain was poured out long ago. One feedsack has rusty speckles to one side about half its length, the next feedsack has yellowed fold lines along the top 1/4 of it, and the last feedsack has a tan liquid mark about 3 x 3 inches at the bottom seam and a few brown marks throughout (see fourth photo).

Overall they look and feel clean despite the flaws. Rare to find three identically printed sacks... even rarer with the stitching still intact.

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