1930s Hat - Paris Designer Violette Marsan - 30s Charcoal Gray Straw Hat with Midnight Velvet Ribbon - French France - Size 22 - 32284

$ 195.00

A dashing Parisian find from a Place Vendome salon! This chapeau's designer was active in Paris from 1935 to 1938 according to online news archives. It has a windswept feel to its cunning 'rumpled' wide brim, with a sharp forward slant and dashing velvet six-pointed bow to the brim.

20 Inches Circumference at inside edge, Brim is 4.25 to 5 Inches


'' VIOLETTE MARSAN / 22 / PLACE VENDOME PARIS '' and '' MADE IN FRANCE '' at inside back

Handwoven charcoal gray straw, midnight blue velvet ribbon

None needed


Condition Detail
Barely worn at most, has a tinge of make-up to the inner grosgrain band; the brim's asymmetric ''rumpling'' appears to be intentional and original

Wear Recommendation
Wearable with due caution

Washing Instructions
If needed, steam and block at milliner

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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