1940s Beaded Evening Bag - Gorgeous Pastel Formal Purse with Radiant Metal Frame - 40s 50s Hollywood Style Handbag - Peach Aqua Blue Yellow

$ 75.00

A 1940s evening bag, fit for a princess! This exquisite beaded purse has pastel leaves in peach, aqua blue, and yellow... swirls of glass beads surround the leaves and faux seed pearls... beautiful radiant metal frames its top. It's a late 40s handbag in a queenly design, with bold metal emulating chainlinks. Lined in satin.

8 x 6 1/2 x 1 Inches, Strap has a 3-Inch Drop


' Jolles / REG US PAT OFF / ORIGINAL ' to lining

Silver/clear glass bugle beads; white faux seed pearls; peach, aqua blue, and light yellow cotton corde; cream satin lining; coppery metal frame and chain

Kiss-lock hinged clasp at center top


Condition Detail
Looks lovely overall, the metal looks slightly silvery to uppermost edges, many pearls have finish loss and show white underneath, the interior has beige liquid lines at its upper right corner and near the clasp, with mild lipstick marks inside, the beige liquid has very slightly darkened the outside fabric in a very subtle way, this is extremely hard to notice on the outside but can be found under close scrutiny

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