1940s Paisley Scarf with Sequins - 40s Sheer Nylon Flourish Fleur De Lis Style Fall Print - Black Orange Ochre Purple Yellow Emerald Green

$ 32.50

This 1940s sheer nylon scarf is a dramatic find in flourishes and stylized paisleys, with colored sequins chain-stitched along the patterning. It's a large square with a machine-sewn hem, folded into a triangle in the photos.

32 Inches Square


None, factory made

Sheer nylon organdy printed in soft black, burnt orange ochre, canary yellow, Easter purple, and white; sequins are emerald green, pink-red, yellow, midnight blue

None needed


Condition Detail
Very nice, looks lovely with feels barely worn at most with no flaws, all sequins intact

Washing Instructions
Warm hand wash, shape and dry flat, steam if needed or press under a press cloth on low to low-medium setting

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