1940s Photo Album with Spiderweb Pages - 40s Asian Rayon Satin Brocade Cover - World War II Era Souvenir Cob Webs Picture Book - Never Used

$ 109.99

Beautiful 1940s Asian photo album with marvelous spiderweb pages! This World War II era picture book is completely empty, with an embossed translucent page showing cob webs, spiders, and flies between each of the 23 matte black pages. Measures 13 1/2 x 9 7/8 x 7/8 inches.

The hardback cover has a slightly padded brocade surface in a classic scenic pattern of pagodas, garden bridges, trees, and rickshaws. Colors are golden champagne, terracotta orange, black, sage green, wedgwood blue, pink, and silvery white.

Condition is excellent, unused, with a few very mild nicks to a few of the black pages, and two holes from pest damage on the first interior spiderweb page.

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