1940s Rayon Print Scarf - 40s Red & Yellow Paisley Muffler - Gray Flourishes Cold Rayon - Smoking Jacket Style - 40's Rectangular Scarf

$ 29.99

This 40s cold rayon scarf has a bold pattern of paisleys and flourishes with homespun fringed ends and hand-sewn hems. A beautiful bright spot on a winter day, lovely with a gray coat or a black jacket.

73 1/2 x 12 3/4 Inches


None, factory made

Cherry red, grays, white and canary yellow flourish and paisley pattern "cold" rayon (feels cool to the touch)

None needed


Condition Detail
Very fine and barely worn, hints of tousling to the fringe, the narrow hem is missing in a 2-inch section near one end, hard to find or notice when worn

Washing Instructions
Warm hand wash, shape and dry flat, steam or press on low-medium setting if needed

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