1940s Wide Tie - Sage Green Deco Print WWII 40s Swing Era Satin Mens Necktie - Spinach Chocolate Brown Apricot Peach - Circles & Swirls

$ 45.00

1940s sage green tie in a wide World War II era style! It's glossy satin with Art Deco details and a wavy 'wood grain' motif to the two-tone swirling background. Lined in faille.

4 Inches at Widest, Total Length 52 1/4 Inches


None, factory made

Glossy sage green, chocolate brown, apricot peach, and white synthetic satin (probably rayon and/or acetate) with subtle diamond check brocade; semi-opaque offwhite synthetic faille lining


Condition Detail
As new, has a mere hint of fade to the lower edges and point, this is so faint it's very hard to perceive at all

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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