1950s French Beaded Flowers in White Milk Glass Bowl - Hand Beadwork Floral Arrangement - Spring Lavender Lilac Light Purple Green & White

$ 99.99

This French beaded flower arrangement is a splendid array of hand strung beadwork on fine wire... so pretty, so meticulously made! It's soft hues, primarily lilac purple, lavender, rich greens, and silvery translucent white, all glass seed beads and slightly larger accents, neatly made and finished with florist's supplies and set into this milk glass bowl in the 1970s. The arrangement is in a florist's foam base that was once glued in and can be removed from the bowl if desired.

5 1/2 Inches Tall x 7 Inches Diameter


Flowers are hand made, bowl is marked '(C) 1975 F.T.D.' to underside

Glass seed beads in lilac, lavender purple, translucent white, rich shades of verdant green, opaque white; florist's tape; fine gauge wire in dark metal and enameled lilac; florist's foam and adhesive; white milk glass bowl


Condition Detail
Very fine to the outside, the arrangement is set in florist's foam and had once been glued into the bowl, can be removed now and the interior show the old adhesive and rusty bits to the wire in the underside of the foam

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