1950s Lavender Quilted Cotton Comforter - Authentic 40s 50s Light Pastel Purple Cottage Twin Bedspread Coverlet with Tufted Wool Pom Poms

$ 109.99

Charming 1950s twin bedspread is fresh lavender cotton with hand tufted pom-poms of cozy wool. It's a lightly padded coverlet filled with soft batting. Approx 85 x 60 inches, a few inches shy of a standard modern twin size. All hand-sewn.

Condition is excellent, very fresh, with approx 6-8 barely beige liquid marks (each about 2 to 3 inches on the longer side), 4-5 isolated rust specks, and 4-5 penpoint holes (see third photo for one example). Nothing is obvious, very useful and very nice for its age. Overall a lovely find for a cottage style bedroom in a spring color palette. Dry clean.

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