1950s Men's Skinny Tie - Mid Century Office Wear Necktie - Beige & Black Brocade with Sword Crest - Handsome Rockabilly 50's Business Man

$ 27.99

Striking 1950s men's tie in handsome brocade showing a trompe l'oeil woven pattern, with a pair of sword style crests at the center. This neutral brocade skinny tie is self-lined.

2 1/2 Inches at Widest, Total Length 52 3/4 Inches


' YOUNG'S / 832 Boardwalk / OCEAN CITY, N.J. ' to underside

Beige & black synthetic blend brocade with offwhite and black mid-century crest motif, probably rayon and/or acetate


Condition Detail
Unworn from deadstock, has two scant rust traces from sitting on display for many decades, these are located near where the knot would be tied, probably completely hidden when worn

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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