1950s Men's Skinny Tie - Unique Shredded Shadow Novelty Print Green Paisley Brocade - Handsome Rockabilly 50's Necktie - Olive Green & Black

$ 29.99

Exceptionally unusual 50s paisley print tie for a mid-century man with refined taste... this avant garde 1950s skinny tie has the effect of a shadow or shredded black pattern "streaked" into its satin brocade, so that the paisley print appears to "disappear" to black on one side. It's a pure silk tie, lined in silk as well.

2 1/2 Inches at Widest, Total Length 54 1/2 Inches


' The Mister Shops / OAK PARK RIVERSIDE / by damon ' and ' . . . ALL SILK ' to underside

Pure silk satin brocade in olive green, emerald green and black paisley, with a black shadow-like novelty streaked effect brocaded into the wearer's right side; olive green silk faille lining


Condition Detail
Like new to outside, the lining has a few small holes from pest damage, not noticeable to upper side

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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