1950s Novelty Print Fabric - Orange Chartreuse Chariots Egyptian Greek Hieroglyph Style Cotton - More Than 16 Square Panels - Over 3 Yards

$ 159.99

This 1950s novelty print fabric was meant for sun dresses, summer separates, or head kerchiefs, in a terrific broadcloth 50s panel print. There are sixteen (plus) panels included, each with an identical pattern of chariots and horses, Egyptian warriors, and ancient Greek appeal, in a vivid handkerchief style. Colors are burnt orange, chartreuse, khaki brown, black, and white.

This fabric arrives in three sections - the first, second, and third photos show all three. Measurements are:

1) Six panel section measures 40 x 50 inches
2) Ten panel section measures 40 x 81 inches
3) Scrap (partial panels only) 40 x 9 inches

Condition is excellent, clean, and beautiful, with pinked edges a bit jagged/uneven at the edges of the cut sections.

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