1950s Panama Souvenir Scarf - Tourist Map Central America - As Is 50s 60s Rayon Novelty Print - Glitter Applied Scenes - Red Blue Green

$ 25.50

Panama souvenir scarf is a vivid rayon novelty print that shows the country itself, the Panama canal, a beautiful lady in her big skirt (la pollera), and a monument to Balboa. It's in fair condition even though never used (see Condition Detail below), with hints of glitter to the exotic tropical scenes.

35.5 x 31 Inches


None, factory made

Cool white rayon printed in emerald green, cherry red, turquoise blue, canary yellow, brown, and black, possibly a rayon & acetate blend; metallic glue applied glitter

None needed


Condition Detail
Looks and feels unused, though there are many areas of beige age toning throughout, and 40-50 scattered holes from pest damage, ideal for framing

Washing Instructions
Test for colorfastnes, warm hand wash, shape and dry flat, press on low-medium setting; or dry clean

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