1950s Schiaparelli Red & Black Silk Tie - 1950s MCM Faux Torn Fabric Effect Trompe L'Oeil Necktie - Mid Century Modern 50's Designer Cravat

$ 79.99

Rare Schiaparelli tie in a "ripped" effect to the two-tone silk brocade, in sharply jagged red "streaks" brocaded across the black satin. It's a 50s avant garde skinny tie with an actually shattered silk lining.

2 1/2 Inches at Widest, Total Length 56 Inches


' Schiaparelli / ALL SILK / WPL 13188 / UNION MADE / ACWA / # 108 ' to underside

Scarlet red and black silk satin brocade, rouge red silk lining with ' Schiaparelli ' brocaded faux signature


Condition Detail
The top side is like new, the lining is very obviously shattered, this is not visible to the top side and can be removed/replaced/covered with new lining if desired

Washing Instructions
Dry clean

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