1950s Souvenir Coin Vintage Charm Bracelet - British England European Coinage - Queen Elizabeth Penny HalfPenny Farthing - 1954 1959 Dates

$ 55.00

This artisan vintage bracelet has twelve coins from England, including half pennies, pennies, and farthings. They're mostly dated 1954 and 1959, with one coin (the largest) dated 1929. It's a full and jangly charm bracelet with the nostalgia of a traveler... probably created upon arriving home from a 1950s trip to Britain.

7 1/2 Inches Long, Largest Coin is 1 1/8 Inches Diameter


None, artisan made, coins are genuine

Various metal alloys in bronze and brassy gold hues, silvertone chain link

Foldover clasp


Condition Detail
The coins are generally excellent, some with a more burnished/matte effect, some still bright and brassy; the chain link has noticeable rust between many of the links, this might transfer to skin/clothing but could be worn as is, though some might prefer to replace the chain link with a different bracelet

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