1960s Black Satin Brocade Fabric - 4.72 Yards x 34.5 Inches - 60s Curlique Evening Formal Yardage for Dress Jacket or Coat - Puffy Jacquard

$ 85.00

Black satin brocade fabric, so beautiful to create a vintage inspired evening dress, a splendid coat, or a special choice for upholstery. This 1960s yardage is one continuous piece of textured satin, black-on-black with a curlique pattern.

This fabric measures 4.72 yards x 34.5 inches.

This fabric is synthetic with a quality silky look and feel, possibly a silk blend. It's an opaque mid-weight, woven so that the underside is a reverse effect of the top. Condition is very clean, no flaws to note.

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