1960s Cat Stuffed Animal - Kooky Kitsch 60s Hand Crochet Stuffie - Orange & White Yarn with Googly Eyes - Funny Casual Rec Room Craft Kitty

$ 27.99

Cute orange cat stuffed animal from the 60s! This funny hand crochet plush toy has plastic googly eyes, a felt nose, and embroidered yarn mouth and whiskers. Late 1960s to early 70s.

15 1/2 x 13 x 2 Inches, plus tail is 8 1/4 Inches


None, hand made

Mottled nubby cheddar orange & white acrylic crochet, pink felt, red yarn, lime green cotton bias ribbon, white whiskers, yellow translucent plastic googly eyes


Condition Detail
Shows hints of its age as there's mild haze to the crochet, eyes are very yellowed

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