1960s Cotton Dragon Batik Print Fabric - 1.8 Yards Turquoise Blue & Black Panel Yardage - 60s 70s Summer Bohemian Border Print Sarong Wrap

$ 34.99

Turquoise blue dragon print fabric is a terrific Polynesian find, casual and breezy like something used for a sarong or sun dress. It's a single large rectangle panel with a single centered dragos and rich black borders. Has two cut sides, with white edges showing it was meant to be cut into these panels. The batik print is faux, not actually dyed as true batik. Fresh 1960s fabric in very vivid hues, pristine condition.

Measures 1.8 yards long x 41.5 inches wide. Selvedge is printed ' ART 100% COTTON BATIK No. 6 2220980 '.
Colors are turquoise blue, navy blue, mustard brown, black, and white.

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