1960s Kitchen Curtain Fabric - Pink & Purple Leaves - 2 Yards x 44.5" Wide - 60s Sheer White Nylon 1960s Housewife Yardage - Scallop Border

$ 26.50

Pink & purple leaves print sheer yardage, this 1960s fabric was meant for kitchen curtains or similar. It is flocked sheer nylon, with a repeat of the scalloped stripe in two repeats running side by side.

It's a single piece of yardage. The useful rectangle measures a total of 2.05 yards long x 49.5 inches wide, though it's actually longer. There's a cutout section of fabric at one corner (see main photo at upper left corner) and purple misprinted areas nearby that aren't included in the measurement above.

Condition of the useful rectangle is excellent, with 2-3 subtle tan marks about 2 inches wide, likely to wash away easily. This area also has 2-3 dye hints in gray or red and occasional hints of flocking missing. Colors are white, pastel pink and purple.

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