1960s Novelty Hand Towels - County Fair Farm Animal Appliques - Pair Decorative Kitsch Linens - Pink Blue Cow & Pig - 60s Kitchen Decor

$ 59.99

Adorable 1960s novelty kitchen towels with a county fair theme! There's a cute pink pig (Well Done!) and a smiling cow (Rare!) that've done well with their prize ribbons and trophies. These farm animal appliques are free-ranging in a daisy covered field, with fair tents in the background. Terrific vintage find in cheerful colors - turquoise blue, bubble gum pink, saddle brown, yellow, and spring green. All-cotton and all sewn by hand.

They measure 16.5 x 24 inches each. Condition is very good, with two beige dots to underside of pig towel, and a slightly noticeable 1.5 x 1" beige mark at far left of same towel's turquoise border. Has hints of dirt/dust to creases of cow towel. Freshly washed to minimize.

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