30s Novelty Print Fabric Scraps - 1930s Scarlet Red Golf Theme Rayon - Golfing Tee Sports Scenes - Panels From An Authentic 30's Umbrella

$ 39.99

Salvage fabric panels from a 1930s umbrella, including eight panels seamed together as pictured. Each triangular panel has a slight arch to its lower edge from being pulled over the metal frame. Novelty print shows various golf holes with numbered flags.

Every triangular panel measures 19 inches along the base x 26.5 inches center height. Condition is very good with rich, dark original colors except the center crease of each panel is very slightly grayed/blurred due to rubbing and/or exposure to dust. Each panel has small hints of gray rubbing where the metal joined the fabric originally, with an occasional tiny hole where it was stitched to the frame.

Colors are scarlet red, black, and chalk white in a rayon & cotton broadcloth novelty print.

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