40s Embroidered Tablecloth - 1940s Spring Oval Flower Baskets - Antique Tea Colored Beige - Pink Blue Green Brown - Sweet Daisy Flowers

$ 39.99

This beautiful tablecloth has an antique appeal to its tea-colored linen fabric, intentionally chosen as beige in the 1940s to mimic an heirloom effect. It has a flower basket motif in a beautiful oval design with lattice embroidery, scrollwork and scalloped lace edges. All hand embroidered.

This 40s table cloth measures 57 x 51 inches. Condition is very good, nice and clean, three liquid marks to one quadrant (the darkest one is shown in fourth picture), these are brown on beige so they're harder to notice, has a total of 10-12 scant brownish specks throughout the linen.

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